Terms and Conditions

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1) The Ticket permits the holder thereof, as a revocable license (or right) to enter and attend the Event. NR and the Venue reserve the right to alter the date or the programme of the Event and to provide alternative activity routes and/or places (seating or standing) as those specified in the Ticket. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the Ticket does not afford the Participant or Patron any further right, including (without limitation) the right to transport to the venue, or parking, or merchandise, or food or beverages at the venue, unless otherwise stated expressly.

2) It is your responsibility to keep your tickets safe. Tickets are not replaceable due to loss, theft, damage or for any other reason. Should you not be able to produce the Ticket as required, this may result in access to the Venue and/or participation in the Event being denied, or your being removed from the Event and/or Venue.

3) Tickets may only be purchased from authorised persons and/or entities. Any Tickets bought from unauthorised persons and/or entities are not valid and will not entitle any person to gain access to and/or participation in the Event or Venue.

4) Tickets are not permitted to be exchanged, transferred, resold or used for any advertising or promotional purposes without the prior written consent of NR.

5) NeonRun™ is primarily social fun gathering and a festival with music and other entertainment.

6) Right of entry into the Event and admission into the Venue is reserved. Persons who are deemed to be behaving in a manner that is inappropriate, dangerous and/or unacceptable, in the discretion of SJ, its agents and/or contractors, will be refused access and/or entry into the Event and/or Venue or to be removed from the Event and/or Venue without refund. Unacceptable behaviour includes (without limitation) ‘stage diving’, ‘crowd surfing’, ‘climbing’ and ‘moshing’ and are strictly prohibited.

7) NR, its agents and/or contractors reserve the right to conduct security searches of Participants and/or Patrons participating in the Event and/or present within the Venue on the day(s) of the Event. Such searches may be conducted on any person, clothing, bags and all other items. Further, NR shall be entitled to confiscate any items which are deemed to be of a dangerous nature or to have the potential to cause disruption to the Event or to other persons, Participants or Patrons or that are in breach of the Ts&Cs. Unless expressly indicated, prohibited items include (without limitation) weapons, fireworks, items of a flammable nature and/or food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages), any illegal drugs and no animals apart from authorised guide / assistance dogs.Any item that you intend to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes.

8)  Should an Event allow smoking, such activity shall be conducted only within the designated areas in which smoking is permitted.

9) The unauthorised use of photographic, video and/or sound recording material or equipment is strictly prohibited.

10) You may be asked for proof of age when purchasing alcohol at the Venue.

11) Please note that loud music at Events can damage hearing and furthermore that Events may contain flashing lights which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy.

12) It is acknowledged that this Event includes physical exercise and may preclude certain persons from partaking in any or all of the activities contemplated within the Event. Participants and Patrons enter the Event at their own risk and acknowledge that they are aware of the activities of the Event and hereby warrant that they are in a suitable physical condition to partake and successfully endure and complete such activities. Should any Participant or Patron suffer any injury, harm or any loss whilst participating they will have no claim against NR  and such person will be responsible to pay for any harm or losses they suffer.

13) It is acknowledged that this Event includes the use of Neon glow sticks which may break affect one’s sight. It is advisable to wear a suitable (soft) protective. Should any Participant or Patron suffer any injury, harm or any loss whilst participating they will have no claim against NR and such person will be responsible to pay for any harm or losses they suffer.

14) Unless otherwise indicated, children under the age of 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

15) Disabled persons are requested to inform NR as soon as possible of your requirements in order for NR, its agents and/or contractors to, as best as is reasonably possible, accommodate and assist you at the event.

16) Should the entry of a Participant and/or Patron disrupt the performance at the Event, entry may be postponed until such time as such disruption will not occur.

17) By purchasing the Ticket and attending the Event, you agree and consent to potentially being captured by filming and sound recording and its use and distribution (commercial or otherwise) without any payment or recourse whatsoever.

18) By purchasing the Ticket and attending the Event, you voluntarily assume all risks and dangers associated and incidental being a Participant and/or a Patron of the Event, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to thereto, and you waive any claims for loss, damage, personal injury or death against NR, the management of NR, any agent or contractor of NR, the performing artist(s), participants, and all respective holding or affiliated entities, or any agents, officers, directors, owners and/or employees on behalf of yourself and any minor accompanying you for whom you purchased a Ticket. Neither NR nor the Venue shall be liable for damage to or loss of any personal property.

19) To the fullest extent possible, NR does not accept liability for and you will have no claim in respect of any errors relating to the location of your seat or standing place relative to the stage; the quality of the view from your seat or standing place; parking at the Venue; the adequacy of traffic control to and from the Venue; the adequacy of traffic control to and from the Venue; the adequacy of food and beverages during the Event and/or at the Venue; the quality of sound and lighting at the Venue; or the quality of any services provided by independent contractors during the Event and/or at the Venue.

20) NR reserve the right to postpone the start of Event due to bad weather. If such weather continues, they reserve right to cancel the event without any refund. You hereby acknowledge that you bear the risk of inclement weather.

21) In the event of an emergency, you shall follow and comply with the instructions and directions from the stewards, staff and/or other authorised officials.

22) Please note that additional activities in the festival and on route can include various miscellaneous items. NeonRun™ will not be held liable for any damages sustained during the event to clothing items or accessories.