When must I arrive?

You need to get there as early as possible. With thousands of people arriving, parking and going through ticketing, you don’t want to be left in queues. The magic starts from 2pm so get there from the start so you don’t have to miss a thing!


How does it work?

Arrive on event day and get ready to experience the most epic glow experience in the country!! Gates open at 2pm with a line-up bursting at the seams! SA’s top acts will keep you entertained until the race kicks of at sunset, so be sure to arrive early. Race through different glow zones and lights worlds and prepare to be dazzled, amazed and entertained! The music festival kicks into top gear at the end of the race up until 11pm!


Can children run?

Of Course, all ages can glow neon together! See our ticketing page for pricing!


Do we need to be professional runners?

5km is not that far. Plus you don’t lose any points for walking. There will be dancing and experiences on route so no training required!


How do I register or volunteer?

Press the register or volunteer button on our home page!
You get the idea.


Are tickets refundable?

It’s not possible to refund tickets, but with such a crazy demand it’s no problem to transfer them to a friend.


What time the race/festival starts?

Gates open at 2pm with a full line-up starting from the second you enter through the turnstiles. Warm up with our Planet fitness instructors, grab some paint and get kitted out while you wait for the start gun. The race kicks off at sunset and ends back at the venue for even more jam-packed fun. Come glow in the dark with us until 11pm when gates close.
All information can be found in our event details section on our website and Facebook page.


What to wear.

Anything that glows in the dark!! Get creative! Light up your imagination!! We have some amazing prizes for those of you who go the extra glow in the dark mile.


GPS co-ordinates of venue

JOHANNESBURG: 26.0829° S, 28.0141° E


What to wear.

Anything that glows in the dark!! Get creative! Light up your imagination!! We have some amazing prizes for those of you who go the extra glow in the dark mile.


The 5km run is at your own pace.

Whether you want to sprint to the end or just take a stroll you can do the 5km race at your own pace – there is no time limit! Due to the number of individuals PARTICIPATING, this does naturally slow down the pace of the run. But if you want to run fast make sure you get there early to get to the front of the crowd. Remember that this is a fun run so take this into account when on the route. There are all ages there to enjoy the spectacle on route so be courteous to others.


Is there an online booking fee?

YES, there is an online booking fee of R15. If you buy your ticket in-store there is no booking fee.


If you don’t want to take part in the run, you don’t have to.

The 5km run is not compulsory. If you would rather just enjoy the neon and music festival then please feel free to do so! There is no ticket for just the run. Your ticket is for the whole event, you choose how much you participate in 🙂


Bring your friends, your kids, your grandparents!

Neon Run is an event for the whole family! There will be food stalls at the Neon Festival, a bar for those over 18 and plenty of music to keep everyone on their feet.

Is there an online booking fee?

This year we have included the booking fee in our total ticket price to make life simpler.


Do I have to register before the race?

Please watch our Facebook page for updates. There might or might not be pre-race registration in your city.


Is this event for over 18s only?

Definitely not , The Neon Run is for all ages and caters for the whole family. We have music for all tastes and entertainment to keep the whole family happy.
Remember to bring along your ID as you will need this to gain access to the over 18 bar area.


Can I bring my bike/skate board etc?

PLEASE DO , this event is for all modes of transport , run, cycle, walk the route why not kit your boards and bikes out in lumo lights?? Remember that there are no lock up facilities at the venues. There will also be stretches on dirt road or grass fields so you might have to carry your vehicles through these.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We have a fully stocked bar and a variety of food vendors so for this reason no food or drinks will be permitted into the venue.


What time does the race start and is there a registration process?

The race kicks off at sunset and there is no registration on the day, it is a fun social event so no race numbers here. Once again we urge you to get there early as you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.


Can we buy neon paint at the Neon Run?

We will have a great neon store for you to purchase neon paint and other glow in merchandise. Please see our ticket page for all our Neon product pricing. There are no ATMS so be sure to bring sufficient cash with you.


What do we have to wear?

The dress code is fun! So wear what makes you comfortable but do mix it up and come as neon and glow in the dark as possible. We have some awesome prizes for the best dressed so get creative!!!!!


OH NO I can’t make it to the Neon Run anymore, what do I do with my ticket?

You can’t make it!!! That does suck but never fear, you can always give your ticket to a friend, no name change needed. Although you will regret not attending!


Where do I park for the event?

There is plenty parking inside the venue with friendly marshals to assist you. Parking fees might apply to help keep parking secure and manned throughout the entire event. PLEASE NOTE that there may be car guards posing as our security company. Please be vigilant of this. Do not park on verges, in dark areas if you can help it. DO NOT leave any valuables in your cars rather leave them at home.


Can I bring rover?

Due to the high volumes of people and live music our event is not suitable for dogs so rather leave them behind this time, if its small dog, then bring them along.


Do you cater for wheelchairs and prams?

Most of the routes are on tarmac but there is a lot of grass and dirt road included. A lot of care has gone into ensuring than anyone can take part and to make it wheel chair and pram friendly. Please ensure that you have someone to assist you should the path be uneven along some of the route, we also have disabled ablutions.


Are there lockers available?

No, but we recommend you bring a cool zip bag to keep your items safe.


Keep checking back on our website for updated routes, venue layout and final line ups.
Most importantly get ready , set, GLOW!!!!!